Hand Dyed Variegated Color Yarns

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    • Mussel Beach

      Mussel Beach

      from $5.00

      New! Lovely cool shades of gray, blue & lavender

    • On Golden Pond

      On Golden Pond

      from $5.00

      Soft golden yellow into soft golden green.

    • Ocean Storm

      Ocean Storm

      from $5.00

      Deep, dark eucalyptus green - frequently the color of the ocean bay in winter

    • Faded Denim

      Faded Denim

      from $5.00

      That favorite pair of jeans...

    • Metallurgy


      from $5.00

      Warm gold into charcoal or black

    • Muir Woods

      Muir Woods

      from $5.00

      Spruce green into auburn, reddish brown,sometimes Golden Gate Bridge color?! New colorway, still evolving :)

    • Antique Copper

      Antique Copper

      from $5.00

      Copper, auburn with brown accents

    • Bahama Bay

      Bahama Bay

      from $5.00

      Turquoise to soft cobalt with some violet shading

    • Birch Bark

      Birch Bark

      from $5.00

      Medium to soft grays and browns on cream

    • Blue Fairy Wings

      Blue Fairy Wings

      from $5.00

      Soft blue with lavender and cream.

    • Blue Violet

      Blue Violet

      from $5.00

      Medium to deep cobalt blue/purple

    • Confetti


      from $5.00

      Brights, fuchsia, purple, blue, green, yellow, peach (non-repeating colors)

    • Desert Jewel

      Desert Jewel

      from $5.00

      Silver gray into turquoise into violet