Hand Dyed Solid Color Yarns

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    • Eggplant


      from $5.00

      Deep blue/purple

    • Eye Candy

      from $5.00

      A yummy color that looks good enough to eat!

    • French Vanilla

      French Vanilla

      from $5.00

      Just what it sounds like- rich & creamy!

    • Midnight Blue

      Midnight Blue

      from $5.00

      Deep indigo, navy

    • Pewter

      from $5.00

      Medium Gray

    • Violet


      from $5.00

      Medium to deep shades of purple, solid or with blue tinges

    • Lemon Souffle

      Lemon Souffle

      from $5.00

      Delicate, soft yellow

    • Mango


      from $5.00

      Medium to saturated warm, buttery rosy peach/orange

    • Orange Sunshine

      Orange Sunshine

      from $5.00

      Wonderful rich bright cheerful orange even just a little is a great accent to add life to project. Especially nice after long winter or rainy spring!

    • Blue Clay Falls

      Blue Clay Falls

      from $5.00

      Soft subtle turquoise blue named for a wonderful place in Indiana where we used to play as children